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Leadership Purpose Meaning and Purpose

I have worked through years of my career and never found simple ways to identify my Purpose statement until I came across this magical four questions.

Everyone who is in a similar quest, just follow these steps to identify your purpose.

Step 1 - Answer these four questions (not necessarily in any particular order but answer one at a time)

What do I Love to do?

What am I good at?

What is essential to me for my life to be complete?

What was I born to do or ought to be doing?

Step 2

Shortlist top 3 or 4 things from each of the question and write them down again

Step 3

Make your purpose statement using key words or identifying common patterns from step 2 and write down 'My Life purpose is to ……..'

It's simple but very deep work, needs good time for reflection. And if you like to think aloud with someone then I will be happy to help and work with you on that. Whatsapp me on 9819040320

It will be great if you want to share your statement once you make it!

Here is mine - "To be carefree and not worry about others perception. Use my learning and experience to connect and communicate effectively with people and help them in their personal transformation work."#leadership#purpose#meaning#values

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