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Self Leadership

8 hrs x 60 min = 480 mins. work day. How are you spending your 480 mins working from home?

Are you a Leader of a team = How are you showcasing Trusting others?

Are you a team member = How are you demonstrating Trustworthiness?

Recently, I caught my judgement mind when one of my team members did not respond to my chat messages and was not picking up the phone. I held back the temptation of making assumption or doubting others and therefore wondered what Team leader and Team member needs to do to proactively create the environment of trust.

All of us have a great opportunity to build and sustain trust and avoid trust breakers in the current times where we cannot see each other work.

So Leader should drive accountability or let the team be accountable? Are you showing you are part of a Self managed team?

Team Members

Are you accountable in managing your time productivity?

Are you open - when you can work and when you can’t ?

Leader of Team

Are you micromanaging or focusing on having informal conversation vs just tracking work?

Are you someone jumping to conclusion and making quick judgements?

Do share what one action of yours lets people know they can trust you? What you think you doing to promote such trusting environment?

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