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Roles Conflict Activity

When was the last time you appreciated that you play so many roles- Son, Daughter, Father, Wife, in law, Brother, Sister, Boss, Team member, Peer etc just that all these roles were spread in space and time when you stepped in /out from home or office but now, no more!!! I am seeing all of us who are working at Home for office are playing different roles through 10 -12 hours of their workday. Aren’t you? You double hat as a Mother and a Supervisor while balancing both your child and your team on a con call. How do explain your child who want your time and attention? How do you do your home chores along with the office chores. You know I stay with my Mom & Dad and they keep coming up for small chats during the day while I am busy ogling at my Laptop screen! They don’t seem to understand why I can’t talk and what I keep doing looking at the laptop? How are you switching on from one role to the other? Aren’t you feeling that day is longer than yester years when you travelled to work? If you are feeling so, then join the gang and share your emotion with us here. How not to feel drained? How to enjoy multitasking? Share your views, tips or humor! #ddi #roles #conflict #rahul #WFH #home #office

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