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Note to Parents :

Dear Parents
Well known Positive Psychologist Martin Seligman asked Parents how they want for their children. Quite a few responded with words like 'Happiness', 'Confidence', 'Contentment', 'Health', 'Satisfaction' etc. And further asked to state what do you think the schools teach? Parents answered 'Achievement', Thinking skills', 'Success', Mathematics etc. 
Where then your child learns what you want from children. From you? Or Peers? Or TV? Or by chance? To help cultivate these skills its important that your child gets into Life coaching where these skills can be experienced by one of one coaching or group Coaching.

Teenage coach
There’s school, social media, friends, family & The Future. The pressure is unrelenting! School and early college life can be tough. Sometimes you need someone other than parents and friends who can listen to you and help you think aloud.  Have a frank one on one conversation and discuss your concerns, anxiety,  excitements.
Leadership Coach

Self Employed or you are working in an organisation, Leading people and driving performance can be very challenging. Come let's have a chat over a coffee face to face or on a virtual mode to discuss how to deal with your leadership challenges.

Transition Coach

Life Transitions poses challenges for everyone and you need to clear your mind and build simple strategies to swiftly transition from one to the other. Come discuss your life transition - from School student to College, College to First job, Individual contributor to First time manager or from being Single to Marriage

Youth Coach/Mentor

In your age group of 18 to 21 years of age it's not easy to find someone who can understand you. People around are giving advice without listening to what you are going through. Come let's have a free chat without worrying about being judged on what you are feeling, thinking? What are your challenges? How to deal with managing relationships? Conflicts? Careers? Ambition?

Leadership Facilitator

Facilitating leadership workshop for Individual contributor to senior leaders. Come let's talk on how to motivate leaders to learn and apply skills that will  help them play their role more effectively.

Mindset Coach

Your state of mind is the root of anything you do or don’t do. How do you stay positive? How do you maintain your inner motivation? How do you deal with any pressure? How do you move away from Self doubt? - Let's discuss anchoring your mind to stay positive and resilient.

Career Coach

Career confusion, Choosing the right stream, Mapping your true potential to the right career, How to prepare for competitive exams, How to negotiate salary, What to change your career from one industry to the other. Come let's talk through this ambiguity and bring clarity towards your future.

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