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  • If you look at photos of you and your partner together, how do you feel?

  • What was the first thing attracted you to your partner? Do you still find that thing attractive?

  • When did you last feel very emotionally connected with your partner

  • In what ways could you be considered fortunate to be with the person you are with now?

  • Disregarding logic, what does your gut tell you?

  • Disregarding your gut, what does logic tell you?

  • Imagine a friend in exactly your situation, what would you tell them to do?

  • Could you accept your partner if you were informed that they could never in the future fundamentally change in any way?

  • What difficulties might you be contributing to the relationship?

  • If you could change one thing about your partner what would it be?

  • If they could change one thing about you, what do you imagine it would be?

  • What would your partner need to understand and how would they need to change in order for you to be happy staying? Have you let them know these criteria

  • Write two stories in your head : my present partner and me in ten years. Me and someone else in ten years. Compare and contrast

  • Can you imagine - after a year apart- regretting your decision to leave? What would you miss? Now list what you would not miss.

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