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Coaching Teenagers - Why, What and How

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

As a parent, has this thought ever crossed your mind that my daughter has a lot of potential and I think she not living up to it.

Its quite natural to do so as parent and its important one nudges their child to realize her true potential. However, one needs to be wary that the nudge does not turn into a nag!

It has been observed that teens usually do not like to listen to their parents as most often the nudge is perceived as a nag resulting into a distance between the two!

There are two kind of parents - Proactive Parents and Reactive Parents.

Proactive Parents do nudge their children and juggle between the role as a friend, guide, consultant or a coach. Such parents act as enablers and empower their children to charge of themselves.

I am sure you thinking 'It's easier said then done!'. With multiple responsibilities of juggling between home & career, you have a choice to either stretch yourself or take the help of a Teenager/Life coach

Such interventions are an investment in developing your child's cognitive and emotional skills.

What is Teenager Coaching?

Teenager Coaching can help parents to identify their child's true potential.

The coach builds rapport and help students grow as individuals. This enables students to refine their skills and find directions.

Trained Coaches gives teens space to talk aloud. It helps students to identify their strengths and highlights areas of concern. The goal is to bring out the best in your child where coaches gives

them an opportunity to discuss issues or challenges.

Such conversations are confidential. It is strictly between the child and the Coach. Parents can have monthly reviews to discuss progress and review ways they can support in fostering emotional growth of their child.

Often students discuss specific areas like

  • Dealing with low self esteem

  • Deal with distraction

  • Manage social anxiety

  • Deal with self critical voice and overcoming lack of self worth feeling

  • Reducing negative voice during exams

  • Identifying Life Purpose

  • Career Confusion

  • Identify my academic strength areas

  • Be Organized and Discipline

  • Deal with constant worry and anxiety related to my career

  • Build effective communication skills

  • Deal with Stage fears

  • Excel in academics

What are the steps in Coaching

  • Parents identify the Coach and introduce them to their Teens. This is important as the Teenager should be given a chance to have an opinion in the process.

  • Post initial conversation, Teens and the Coach identify areas to work and plan their weekly or biweekly schedule.

  • Coach connects with Parents on a monthly basis to update on key highlights stating areas where Parents can provide additional support.

Typically, the coaching conversation are in the range of 3 to 5 months where you will have 6 to 12 connects depending on the situation.

The important point here is that the Coach is helping the Teen work on building their own mental muscle. This helps them to deal with the situation and become independent.

A good coach is someone who makes the Teens self-reliant so that they are able to work on issues and gap areas of concern on their own.

What to look at when you searching for Teenage Coach

  • Some one who have Coaching certification - - Youth coach is ideal but if not then some Coaching Certification - ICF Coach is a known accreditation

  • S/He should have had some experience in Coaching Adults/Teens

  • Added advantage if he has studied counseling or psychology

  • Most of such conversation are done online so you can meet with the Coach and understand their Education and experience

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