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A December to Remember

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Someone asked me what comes to your mind when you think of December month. First thought was the word “Party” and on a second thought I was wondering what we do or should do in December which makes this party meaningful. Here is what I thought how we should PARTY in this month of celebration! “PARTY – Present, Act, Reflect, Take-care, Yes”


Learn to be in the power of now. Lets be aware that we often go in the autopilot or absent-minded zone and that is good but not for everything. Lets be fully present in the now.


We make lot of plans but some how we are unable to action them. Penalize ourselves if we don’t act on our plans. Example – if you wanted to go for a walk or gym and you skipped it due to inertia then penalize by tearing 100 rupees note and feel the pain of this inaction. Consequences leads to compliance and later builds commitment towards our goals.


Reflect on the year that has gone by. Remember people who acted as secret Santa in good or bad times. Thank them. Remember people with whom you didn’t respond the way you intended to – Apologize to them if not verbally then silently in your prayers.


There is nothing better than self-care. We all play so many roles (father, mother, husband, daughter etc) amid all these roles we miss out being with our own selves. Take ‘Me-time’ from your schedule and prioritize taking care of yourself.


Lastly, say yes to opportunities or challenges that may come in various situations. Open your arms and embrace them. You have come out as a winner and you will continue to.

Do remember to PARTY this way every December!

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